Saturday, April 30, 2011

IVF - phase two

Yay!  We have just ended 9 days of fertility injections.  We have 6 follicles that are within the "mature" range.  So tonight I get an ovidrel injection to produce ovulation.  On Monday morning at 9:30am, I will have the egg retrieval procedure.  This procedure is the most painful and intensive.  They actually put me under sedation, which I'm grateful for, because it's pretty painful afterwards.  I will know afterwards how many eggs they retrieved.  I'm praying they retrieve all 6 so we have a higher chance of getting embryos to implant.

I'm excited and hopeful about the possibility of being pregnant.  Am I still scared about the possibility of not being pregnant?  Yes, but I figure disappointment never killed anyone.  It's important for me to have hope and believe the best, because I know I can deal with anything God gives me (with His help).  No matter what, Adam and I wouldn't change anything we've done.  It's been worth the financial sacrifice to try IVF again, and at least we won't ever have to have any regrets.   

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