Friday, April 22, 2011

Sacrificial Living

Sometimes you have to say "no" to things for a greater cause.  I feel like Adam and I have been saying "no" to a lot of things lately because of our financial situation and our focus on IVF.  I've been amazed to see how God comes through and provides for us in each of sacrifices.  For example, when we had to decline running the Easter Sun Run because we didn't have the $50 for registration.  Then, my cousin's wife called and said someone donated $100 to the Sun Run and she wanted to use that money to cover our cost so we could run. 

We are having Easter lunch at our house on Sunday.  Adam and I have been trying to decide on a menu that wouldn't be really expensive, again just another thing you have to think about when you don't have any extra money.  Then, yesterday, my parents gave us $50 for Easter. 

Yesterday, our oven quit working and we had to call a repair man out to look at it.  Adam and I were worried we might have to get a whole new oven because ours is really old.  The total cost of the repair man's visit was $80.  All he had to do was replace the screws that had come out of the stove knob.  Then yesterday in the mail, we received a $100 check from Adam's parents for Easter. 

God is good and faithful!  I know all of these blessings come from God, and I am thankful for His provision!  He always takes care of our needs, and I'm reminded that it's in the moment we need it. 

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