Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Answered Prayers - Part 1

I've already started recognizing the ways God is answering prayers and providing for our needs, specifically with the money we've invested in invetro fertilization.  I wanted to write these down so I don't forget to remember and thank God for His faithfulness and provision.  Unfortunately, we as a people are like the Israelites, forgetting how God meets our needs time and time again.  I don't want to forget...I want to remember. 
1.  Shortly after we had to take all of our cash out of our envelopes for the month (we live completely on a cash envelope system - no credit cards.  Each month we withdraw money from checking and place it in specific spending categories, like gas, food, home repair, etc)  because of the $8700 check we had to write to the Fertility Specialist, we had to get two windows repaired on our house.  We didn't know how we were going to pay for this because we had absolutely ZERO money.  In the meantime, Adam had sold his old laptop on ebay for $300.  Guess how much it cost to replace our two windows?  $300.  God provided the exact amount we needed through the sale of that computer.  It was awesome to see how the money from the computer came into our checking account the day we had to pay for the windows. 

2.  When I originally ordered my first round of injections, the pharmacy quoted me $3100.  When I received my order via Fed Ex, the cost was only $2500.  I called the pharmacy to ask about the difference in cost, and the worker told me I had been signed up to receive a reduction in cost on the meds because of the amount we were spending.  Praise God for a $500 cost savings.

3.  This week, we ran out of gas money for the month.  As you know, it's only April 20th.  I was telling Adam this morning that my car was on empty and needed gas, but we were out of money.  He told me he had received a mileage reimbursement check yesterday from work for $150.  God provided our need for gas at the specific time we needed it. 

4.  Adam received a bonus from work two weeks ago, which was able to cover the money we had to take out of our envelopes to cover the check to the Specialist.  We are now able to put that money back to cover basic expenses. 

Isn't God good?  He is so faithful!  I often wonder how many answered prayers and provisions I don't even recognize.  I pray my eyes are open to see God's faithfulness in my life and that I remember those things and give Him glory! 

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