Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Legacy

Today at church, we had baptisms.  There were several children being baptized, and one of the fathers gave a brief statement about the legacy his parents had been a part of leading up to his daughter's salvation and now public statement of faith through water baptism.  I don't know if I'm extra hormonal or what, but I couldn't keep the tears from falling.  I thought of the legacy I want to leave behind...most importantly, loving Jesus with all my heart, mind, and soul and pointing others to Jesus.  I thought about my daughter Emerson and the importance of leaving her a legacy of a life serving Jesus.  I want her to know Him fully and in a way that transforms how she lives. I want her to see in me someone who lives what she says.  I want her to see someone who is full of joy and hope because of a life with Jesus.  I want her to live with purpose and intention. 

When I think of this legacy, it reminds me the importance of daily living.  We often find the daily living "mundane" or boring.  What importance is there in cleaning the house, doing laundry, dealing with tantrums, going grocery shopping, making dinner, etc.  But when you think of the legacy you want to leave behind, it reminds me that how I live daily is the legacy I will leave behind.  It's not a dramatic one time action that leaves a legacy (or not often, anyway).  It's the daily choices and behaviors and attitudes that make up our legacy. 

My daughter has gotten into the habit of asking me "what are we going to do tomorrow, mom?".  My response has been, "let's worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. Let's focus on today, today".  Because that's been my answer consistently, Emerson likes to ask me that question so she gets to hear that answer.  She frequently answers her own question now with my answer.  What we say, how we respond, the daily choices DO MATTER. 

What legacy do you want to leave?

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